S|N|S Healthy Nails Service

Women on over the world are facing the same challenge everyday to keep their nails beautiful without harm to health. SNS is the first company in the nail industry to create a successful solution for healthy nails. 

SNS Nails now offering a full range of dipping powders, Gel Polishes and ordinary Nail Polish to meet your needs. Our salon is using 100% SNS genuine products.

S|N|S Nail Extension Fullset


Stunning  shape of your choice such as almond, coffin, square or round. This design is perfect for any occasion. It will last up to 2 weeks depending how you look after your nails. We have hundred of colours to choose from.


S|N|S on Natural Nails

If your nails are long and you do not want to wear false tips for extension. SNS on natural nails is perfect solution for you to keep your beautiful long nails and fantastic option of ombre or glitter on top.

Spa Pedicure & Manicure Package


Spa Pedicure and. Manicure Package is our most popular option for customer who wants both hands and feet nails done. Your options are SNS on finger nails, SNS gel polish/ normal polish on toes. Or you can have SNS gel polish on both ($112), SNS normal polish ($62).


All our prices are in New Zealand dollar and GST exclusive 

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