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Microblading Basic Course

This microblading course is uniquely designed and developed under her own brand name: Fabulash Brows New Zealand. The Fabulash Brows Microblading course content not only includes precious microblading skills but also industry knowledge, tips and tricks accumulated from her own working experience on thousands of customers with different skin types and hair patterns. In her class, secrets of how to create perfect eyebrow shapes that suit different people’s face, how to choose the right colour to match the natural eyebrow hairs when it heals and how to create fine strokes, will be revealed. Her focus is achieving the best-healing result. She will also advise her students on how to set up their own business, do marketing and grow a strong business in the future.


Apart from Microblading, Judy also offers other training courses in Ombre Powder Brow, Tinted Lip and Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo under Fabulash Brows Academy.



Course Structure


There are two flexible options: online training only or full training program. The full course includes 2 intense workshop day for practical training and working on live model. Both options give you the same following benefits:


  • Six-month support in online classroom

  • Free access to lecture and support groups for life

  • Free update technique in future

  • A premium kit included

  • Certificate of achievement upon graduation

  • A premium kit included

Course Content

1. Theory:

  • Microblading basic information

  • Client consultation

  • Contract

  • Hygiene at work place

  • Skin types and cases of denial

  • Pigment retention

  • Microblading pigments and tools and how to mix and choose suitable colours

  • Possible reactions and fading process

  • Before and after care for microblading

  • Health and safety


2. Practice: 

  • Drawing different eyebrows shapes on paper and latex

  • How to design different shape to suit different facial structures

  • Learning how to place the micro-blade correctly, practising strokes and stroke patterns on latex 

  • Working on live model 

  • How to deal with different skin types and skin condition.


3. Extended Knowledge: 

  • Learning how to take professional photos for social media.

  • Other marketing approaches.

  • Business set-up and growth.

For more enquiries, please contact


Viber: 0221308020

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