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Custom Eyebrow/Lip/Eyeliner Services

At Fabulash Brows, we strive for perfection because this is what our clients deserve. With the extensive training we have undergone to learn new skills and acquire new technology, we can guarantee that our clients will always receive the best results and leave with the confidence a strong brow offers.


Microblading/Feather Brows

Microblading is also known as feather or 3D eyebrow tattoo. Phibrows pigment is implanted into the skin by a micro-blade handheld to create hair-like strokes that blend seamlessly into the eyebrow hairs.


At Fabulash Brows, microblading is our focus and our excellence. It is the best semi-permanent makeup technique that generates a perfect natural look for the eyebrows. 

viber image 2019-06-11 , 09.58.22.jpg

Ombre/Powder Fill Brows

The Ombre or Powder Fill eyebrow cosmetic tattoo is the best solution for those who are after a defined makeup look.


By using different techniques, many powder effects can be created, which suit different makeup styles. It can help end hours of eyebrow penciling-in everyday

​Full/Ombre Tinted Lips

Our Master, one of the pioneers in making lip tint service popular in New Zealand, promises to bring to our customers the best-tinted lips that we can offer. 

Our lip tattoo service is proven to have:

* Beautiful and natural healed colour

* Amazing pigmented lip elimination ability

* Quick recovery process

* Manageable pain


Classic/cat-eye eyeliners

Eyeliner tattoo can enhance the sharpness of your eyes by blending in the lash lines.

At Fabulash Brows, we offer two styles of eyeliner tattoo. Either you just want it simple to improve your lash lines or you want a cat-eye effect without having to apply makeup every day, our expertise can meet your demand.

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