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Artist Profile
Judy Nguyen

* Former Phibrows Master of PhiAcademy

* Phibrows Artist Certificate from Phibrows in USA 

* Philings Artist

* Philaser Artist

* Lash Master

* Fibro Blasting Artist Certificate from Australia

* PMU Master specialised in lips, brows tattoo, eyeliners

* Bloodborne for Body Art Certificate

* Attended many workshops for Brows Microblading

* Nail Art Master Trainer for VNZ Nail & Beauty Supplies

* Master Trainer for brows, lashes, permanent makeup (PMU) for lips, eyeliners, brows tattoo

* Master Trainer for SNS Nails New Zealand

* Bachelor of Business and Administration with Honours 

* Master of Commerce and Administration in Marketing

   and International Business - Victoria University of Wellington

* Founder/ CEO of 4 Seasons Nails, Fabulash Brows, VNZ Nail, and Beauty Supplies

Lyn Dinh

* Phibrows Artist

* Fabulash Brows PMU Artist specialised in tinted/ ombre lips, brows tattoo, ombre brows tattoo

* Fabulash Brows Lash Artist specialised in classic lash, volume lash, Russian volume, Kim Kardashian volume

* Diploma in Hospitality Management at Weltec

* Certificate from HandViet Nail Tech Training

* Certificate from FabulashBrows Lashes Training

* Certificate from SNS Nails Nz Training

Sarah Hang Pham

* Phibrows Master

* Fabulash Brows PMU Artist specialised in Ombre lips, Microblading, Ombre brows tattoo

* Master trainer for Phibrows Academy in Vietnam. Just joint our team in 2023

Kathy Nguyen

* Skin Therapy  Specialist

* Lash Techinician

Ruby Ngoc Dinh

* Skin/ Facial Therapist

* Lash Technician

Hannah Huynh

* Nail Technician

* Lash Technician

* PMU/ Mini Tattooist

Phoebe Le

* Nail Technician

* Lash Technician

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