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Eyelash Extensions

Have beautiful, luscious lashes, and never wear mascara again! Our qualified and highly experienced lash stylists have been professionally trained to ensure that we are providing only the best for our clients. Our eyelash extensions are weightless and look amazing and will last anywhere from 3-4 weeks.

Also available are party and colour lashes. Let your lash stylist know at your appointment and they'll be more than happy to assist you.

Fabulash Classic


Stunning natural lashes that are long and wispy. Your lash stylist will apply one lash to one of your natural lashes to ensure that your lashes still look natural with a little more length. Our lash stylists work with you to create a look that you love and is suitable for your eye shape.


Fabulash Volume 2D-4D

A doll-like look for those that really want their lashes to pop. Our lash technicians apply up to 3 to 4 fake lashes per natural lash for an intense, bold and voluminous look. The Fabulash Volume application takes a little longer than our Fabulash Classic to apply but is definitely worth it.

Lash Removal


Eyelashes last for a few weeks, and then they  will start to fall out for natural lashes are growing. You can either go back and have new ones added, or you can remove them.

Classic Lash Refill


Most clients wear eyelashes for special events or occasions. But most of them would like to keep the look. Since their natural lashes will grown back, they just need lash refill every 2 weeks and the beautiful look remains.  

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