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Cosmetic Tattoo Training Courses 2022

In the last 3 years, hundreds of students including people who have just set foot in the beauty industry and experienced technicians wanting to up-skill, have chosen Fabulash Brows education to learn eyebrow/lip/eyeliner cosmetic tattoo.

Powder brow cosmetic tattoo seems to be the most-wanted skill with 55 students enrolled in and completed the eyebrow training course with Master Judy. After the training course, students are able to work with cosmetic tattoo machine on live models. They are equiped with the skills to consult customer professionally, choose correct products, pick the appropriate pigment and needle for each skin type and of course as its name, create a pair of eyebrows with powder effect. Customers who are into powder brows are normally people who wants defined, sometimes bold shaped eyebrows, however, new powder brow techniques of Master Judy brings a more natural healing result. The powder brow skill set is so versatile in a way that it can also help in fixing a pair of eyebrows from an unsatisfied job that turns red/blue/grey. Technician sometimes can work on top of the old tattoo to neutralise the old pigment and help bring a new natural brown hue to the eyebrows. Powder brow cosmetic tattoo is also an easy treatment requiring less time and effort, and in most cases not picky and can be done in almost any skin condition as the healing result has high retention.

The new lip tinting techniques created recently by Master Judy is also drawing much attention from interested students in New Zealand. Judy has trained these techniques to 43 students. Lip cosmetic tattoo was not favourable by Kiwis before, both technicians and customers. Technicians are hesitant because of the long treatment that requires lots of effort, unpredictable healing result and not-so-good pain management. Customers were talking about the pain as lip skin is very sensitive. However, Master Judy's new lip tinting techniques can address these problems. Beside a deep theory understanding, her students have been taught to practise towards a good needle handling skill including stability, correct angel, precise distance and intensity, etc. To spill the beans, with the new techniques, technicians are working a different layer of the skin compared to old techniques, of course not as deep as before, resulting in less trauma to the very sensitive skin area. Her lip tinting techniques aim at neutralising dark pigmented lips and bringing about the natural look of the lips rather than creating vivid lip colours.

Finally, eyeliner tattoo training have been delivered to 10 artists who are experienced technicians. This skill set is now only offered in our advanced classes. Students will learn about two styles of eyeliner tattoo: classic eyeliners (or in other words: eyelash/lash-line enhancement) and stardust/cat eye eyeliners. Beside training classes for seperate skill technique, our students also take part in the well-rounded combination courses. 38 students have chosen to learn not only one technique but two or three at the same time and we have been so proud seeing them doing so good after graduation, in which 32 students are beginners who have just started their journey in cosmetic tattoo and 8 students are in advanced classes.

Students who come from Wellington are dominant, doubling the number of students from Auckland. We also have students from other cities and overseas. Online training is also an option now with lost of interests.

Though the last 3 years are not easy when we experienced situations we've never experienced before with all those unpredictability and changes, we have been working hard to keep up the spirit, for us and for our students. We encouraged them to learn more in the hard times, keep practising everyday. Yes in beauty, it's true that there's no shortcut and practice is the key. It is for when the time comes, we know they have already accumulated knowledge and experience to come back stronger.

This year, we are welcoming students from all over New Zealand to come to Wellington for the cosmetic tattoo training. Our training courses will be held only in the cool capital city so why not traveling and learning at the same time? Come to us if you are in need of a well-designed training program, a skilled trainer and unlimited support, come to us. Our training is renewed regularly to guarantee it will serve students' needs the best.

Check out this schedule of 2022 or click HERE for more details of each course


Email: Mobile: 0221308020


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