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PMU Universe Award Festival Event

Our very own Judy Nguyen has been chosen as the New Zealand Ambassador for the PMU Universe Awards Festival in Ho Chi Minh, and you can join her!

Do you have an interest in the world of PMU? Would you like the opportunity to travel to Ho Chi Minh to learn skills from over 40 Masters, to socialise with fellow PMU artists from across the globe, to have the opportunity to showcase your skillset in PMU competitions, and to attend a gala and explore Vietnam? All of this and so much more is included in this event, contact Judy for enquiries and enrolment.

The PMU Universe Awards 2023 is the biggest permanent make up event in Vietnam, organised by the famous Kevin Le International Academy in Ho Chi Minh, spanning for 2 days on the 18-19th of March 2023. The event is the best opportunity to learn the newest and best advancements in techniques for a vast array of PMU and SPMU treatments including:

  • Eyebrows

  • Lips

  • Eyeliners

  • Scalp

  • Areola

  • Blush

  • Hairlines

  • Fibroblast

  • And so much more!

Who is speaking at the Conference?

How can you join this event?

  • Being a judge

Are you a PMU artist with at lease 3 years of experience? Have you done PMU trainings under your academy for over 1 year? If so, then you are eligible to be a judge for this event! Email with your profile, stating your best technique that you would be confident to judge. Once you are a judge, your admission to the event and the gala dinner is free of charge if you can recruit 7 contestants and/or attendees to this event. On the occasion that you cannot recruit 7 contestants/attendees for this event, then $1200USD will be the ticket cost.

Click here to see a detailed table of the payment plan for attending as a judge.

  • Being a PMU Congress's Attendant

No matter what experience and background you're coming from, you're welcome to join the event as a congress's attendant. As an attendant, you can purchase a ticket to join the entire day of PMU congress on the 18th of March, and can join the Gala Dinner and Party on the 19th of March from 7pm. A VIP ticket costs $530USD and a regular ticket will be $300USD.

Click here to view seating arrangements for VIP vs regular tickets

  • Being a contestant

If you are confident in your chosen techniques, you can join this event as a contestant. By competing, you get the chance to showcase your skillsets in front of judges and fellow competitors, and can win cash prizes, scholarships, and meda

The categories which contestants can choose to enter are the following:

Click here to read additional information for contestants

After completion of the event, there will be a gala dinner party for everyone to enjoy!

Fancy a holiday after the excitement of the event?

The PMU Ambassador of New Zealand, Judy Nguyen, is planning a 3 day holiday for the New Zealand team! The holiday will be to a resort on the Island of Phu Quoc, and will be fully tax deductible since it is a business trip. Once numbers are conformed, Judy will discuss with a travel agent the finer details of the trip and the expenses.

Travel Information:

  • The PMU Ambassador for New Zealand, Judy Nguyen, will book your ticket to leave NZ on the 16th of March from Wellington, and to return on the 24th of March via Air New Zealand and Vietnam Airline.

  • The cost of the flexi airfare ticket is $1600 NZD. The tickets are booked through

  • Accomodation for 7 nights in Ho Chi Minh City will cost between $400-$700 depending on personal budget. Judy will confirm where she is staying so that she can help you to book at the same accomodation as her if you wish to.

  • Food and transport is very affordable, approximately $50-$100 per day, excluding the days of the event.

  • Judy will be your free tour guide!

  • The visa to Viet Nam will take 1 week to process so please decide early! Judy will help you with the visa process, and the fee is yet to be confirmed but will be minimal.

Frequently asked questions

When is the event?

The conference takes place on the 18th and the 19th of March 2023. You will be leaving New Zealand on the 16th of March, and returning to New Zealand on the 24th of March.

Where does it take place?

What is the event?

Who is involved, and how can I be involved?

How to enrol?


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