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Plasma Treatment

Are you looking for an effective and non-surgical way to lift hooded eyelids, and rejuvenate problematic wrinkled and loose skin on your face and body? If so, then our Plasma Treatment could be the answer for you.

Is plasma treatment suitable for you?

The plasma treatment we offer is a suitable remedy for the following:

  • A non-surgical blepharoplasty to correct saggy eyelids

  • To lift, remodel and rejuvenate wrinkled the skin on the face and body

  • To target and lift deep-set wrinkles and saggy skin

  • As a method to remove scars and acne scars

  • To remove hyperpigmentation

  • Removal of benign lesions on the skin, such as keratosis, papillomas, warts, fibroma, skin tags, and milia

As is advised for other PMU and SPMU treatments, plasma treatment is only recommended if customers have a highly qualified and knowledgeable specialist to perform the treatment. Judy Nguyen is a Fibro Blasting specialist who gained her qualification through Purebeau Academy. After months of training in Australia, Judy brings to us the latest in technology advancements and skills to deliver the highest quality results.

How does it work?

We use a plasma machine that uses the plasma state of matter. Treatment is based on the creation of a series of minute dots adjacent to the tension lines on your skin. Through this process, an instant contraction and tightening of the skin fibres are triggered. For further details and a more in-depth description, you can read about the Fibro Blasting Process on our Fabulash website.

Why choose Plasma Treatment?

Plasma treatment for an eyelid lift and as a method to correct the imperfections in your skin is a much more affordable method of treatment than surgery. The price for eyelid lift surgeries is in the thousands of dollars, whereas our plasma treatment for eyelid lifts is only $450 per session. The recovery time for Plasma Treatment is significantly less than the recovery time for surgical methods, and is a lot gentler.

The treatment process

  • Prior to plasma treatment, clients will need to remove their eyelash extensions if they wear them, and will be required to remove contact lenses.

  • The plasma treatment itself takes approximately 30 minutes and provides instant results.

  • The eyelid lift treatment is approximately 2 hours, including consultation and pre-numb for 30 minutes prior.

  • The required amount of sessions differs between customers, depending on factors such as individual skin types and how saggy the skin is. The majority of customers experience clear results after just one session, however, others can require 2-3 sessions. A break of 2-3 months is required between each session.

  • Recovery from treatment is approximately 3 to 5 days, and the scabbing can last up to 7 days post-treatment. Swelling may occur on the second or third day for some individuals, and it is recommended that the area is kept as dry as possible and free from all makeup for these first 3 days. After day 3, it is ok to apply mineral makeup gently to the area.

  • After the skin has healed, it is essential to keep the area well protected from the sun with sunscreen and shade, as after the scab falls off, the sensitive fresh skin may get pigmented if exposed to sunlight!

  • The treatment can last between 18-24 months. This is because the skin will continue to age post-treatment at a normal speed.

Cost and booking

  • The cost for an eyelid lift is currently $450 per session

  • To receive a quote on the approximate number of sessions required and costs, you can feel free to send some photos to Judy via email.

Feel free to contact us for more details:


Mobile: 022 130 8020


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