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Fabulash Brows & Aesthetics Beauty Club is here!

We're beyond excited to reveal a refreshing beauty experience that's been curated just for you! At Fabulash Brows & Aesthetics, we understand that your skin deserves nothing but the finest care and attention. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our brand-new Fabulash Brows & Aesthetics Beauty Club, designed to enhance your natural radiance and embrace your unique beauty. With two relaxing options, each customised to your skin needs by our expert aestheticians and offering a revitalising monthly skin treatment for a year, you'll have the power to choose a beauty journey that perfectly suits your needs and desires.

promotional content for facial membership, woman receiving facial and healthy skin

Our first option, "New Me - Advanced Skin Treatment," is an extraordinary opportunity to uplift and rejuvenate your face and body while safeguarding your skin against aging and damage. Imagine a world where your skin is revitalized with treatments that breathe new life into your complexion, from age-defying lifting therapies to targeted skin-pampering facials, each visit will leave you feeling more confident and radiant than ever before. As the only salon in Wellington to have Venus Versa Skin Treatments, it's important to us to have affordable options for treatment plans so your skin can achieve its full potential. With 12 treatments in a year, our expert aestheticians will curate a treatment plan that resolve all your skin concerns, is perfect for your individual skin needs, but here are some of our most popular options from this membership:

All New Me members get a complimentary treatment of FBA deep clean facial before each advanced skin treatment!

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For those who prefer to bask in the serenity of pure facial bliss, our second option, the "FBA Glow," presents a relaxing and luxurious path to healthy, moisturised and truly radiant skin. Picture a haven of relaxation here in our salon, where every month our expert aestheticians will work their magic, leaving your skin refreshed, renewed, and absolutely glowing. With a customised facial session every month targeted to your needs, this membership is an ode to your self-care and a chance to embrace the beauty a within you with just some of our most popular facials here:

  • FBA Deep Cleaning Facial

  • FBA Deep Cleaning with black heads and Acne Extraction and UV Light Therapy Facial

  • Venus Glow HydroFacial

  • NOON Aesthetic Facial

Our popular NOON Aesthetic Facial is an innovative facial formulated in South Korea using advanced techniques, this facial valued at $290 is an easy choice for our clients in FBA Glow. It begins with a relaxing thorough cleansing, then soothing lemongrass-infused facial steaming for intense hydration, and the rejuvenating effect of our Venus Glow skin vacuum will eliminate bacteria on your skin and relieve those stubborn clogged pores. This enhancing facial continues further with the gentle but effective Care 7 machine, allowing a deep clean that sets up your skin perfectly for the infusion of our NOON serum, tailored specifically to you and your facial needs - be it acne treatment, hydration, lifting, or whitening among many other choices. This facial comes to its end with a soothing massage, the hydrating and anti-aging NOON mask, and our signature aftercare products to conclude this rejuvenating experience.

Alternatively, experience the deep cleansing and acne targeting of our Deep Clean Facials, complete with black head/acne extraction and LED Therapy, or opt for the Venus glow Hydro Facial, a facial formulated by Venus Versa to target your own specific skin concerns directly and efficiently, it begins with a relaxing lemongrass facial steam, skin vacuuming, and Care 7 deep cleansing. Every session is a celebration of your radiance and your skins growth in your skincare journey, enhanced with the choice to include our favoured extra glow serum with our FBA Glow Club, this serum is always tailored to your specific skin concerns, and would usually have a $100 value on its own. Elevate your skincare journey – join the FBA Beauty Club family today and embrace a year filled with timeless natural beauty and rejuvenating growth for your skins health.

Whichever path you choose, rest assured that our commitment to your satisfaction remains unwavering. As part of the FBA Beauty Club family, you'll not only enjoy being pampered monthly with these luxurious treatments but also unlock the beautiful, radiant skin you deserve.

If you have enquiries about our services please contact us or head to our website to book online for skin consultation in our salon.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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