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Eyebrow Microblading For Men

Eyebrow microblading could be the perfect solution for imperfect men eyebrows if done by a skilled technician.

Can men get microblading eyebrows?

The answer is yes. The preconception idea that beauty service is for women only has long gone fortunately. Men also have eyebrow imperfections and going for beauty services such as eyebrow microblading is not a bad idea if it can contribute to their self-esteem. Similar advice to women, this semi-permanent makeup treatment is only recommended if customers come to the right place. Otherwise, a bad microblading work with undesirable scars, hair loss or inflammation is not uncommon (don't believe it? try Google it, we've seen a lot of customers being afraid of those results they can find on Google). A skilled technician in microblading such as a Phibrows artist together who offers good hygienic practice and uses quality tools/pigments can put an end to men's insecurity of imperfect eyebrows.

Why do more men opt for microblading eyebrows? What do men want from eyebrow microblading?

In general, men's diffidence of their eyebrows is pretty much similar to women, which includes eyebrow gaps, sparse patches, unbalanced arches, thin and light hairs, thin/no tails, etc. Phibrows microblading techniques can restore the eyebrow symmetry, create more tails and create super realistic eyebrow strokes that blend seamlessly to men natural eyebrows. However, what mens particularly look for is the microbladed eyebrows that are almost not noticeable, suit their face while not compromising the masculine look.

What should male eyebrow microblading look like? What's the difference from women eyebrow microblading?

A good pair of cosmetic tattoo eyebrows has one same principle: it should match the colour of natural hair and skin tone and bring symmetric look that customer desires. However, to get the aesthetic look for men eyebrows, the technician will aim at creating thicker strokes, less curvy lines, flatter arches and in general a more square shape compared with women eyebrows. Depending on what customers are after, eyebrow microblading can generate either a bushy and wild or a neat, groomed and defined look to men eyebrows. Men is not as good as women in expressing their wish and seem to be easier in decision so consultation is a crucial step to get the idea of what they want. They might also be more careless in taking care of the eyebrows after procedure so the technician should make sure proper after-care instruction will be followed to keep the desirable result.

Eyebrow microblading for men at Fabulash Brows

At Fabulash Brows, men microblading is done by our Phibrows Master Judy. A symmetric eyebrow shape is created precisely based on the Golden Ratio then our master uses her experience to touchup on the shape and draw a pair of eyebrows by hand that she thinks is best for clients. Clients will see if the shape needs to be fixed to suit their life style. After getting the approval, our master technician uses a hand-held blade to deposit high quality Phi Supe/Super pigment into the correct layer of the skin, making sure the strokes are created with meticulous pressure and thickness. Phi pigment is proved to keep the natural brown colour over time, not fading into blue/red/purple, together with the advanced technique used, result is guaranteed to be super realistic.

If you know someone who is in need of a new eyebrow pair, let them know that microblading for men is totally a thing! Book with her for male eyebrow microblading HERE

Men eyebrow microblading patterns are taught by master Judy in the Phibrows Perfection Training, together with many other advanced patterns. This training course is only offered to Phibrows Artist who has graduated Phibrows Basic Training. If you are a Phibrows artist wanting to upgrade your skills, this is the perfect course for you. We also have basic microblading course for beginners. Find out more about our microblading courses HERE

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