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SNS Exclusive Salon In Manners Street

The first nail salon in NZ that uses products exclusively from the complete SNS nail system for a premium quality.

Signature Nail System (SNS) is the first brand name that pioneered in the dipping powder nail system. It had been quickly intrigued by all the nail-holics because of the amazing long-lasting result it brings and the easy, healthy process how it is applied. The dipping system that SNS has created is evolving into a crowd-pleasing nail service. It becomes particularly trendy so that every other brands have decided not to be left behind. Big names in the nail industry have been introducing their dipping powder system, however, SNS still has its own market proportion thank to its advanced features. Find out more HERE.

The fact has shown that customers know what is best for them, which is why SNS quickly becomes the most-enquired nail dipping service within nail stores. Due to its dominance in the market, the "SNS" term is sometimes misunderstood that it stands for every nail dipping brand name. However, salons that commit to using SNS products exclusively have proved to keep their own value in the long term.

Premium product quality when paired with good customers service definitely generates a growing loyal customer base.

Aiming at a healthy nail system with consistent high quality, we wanted to be a pioneer in being the first SNS exclusive salon in New Zealand. It starts from our commitment of only using SNS products, including nail polish, gel polish and dipping powder and our promise of offering high quality service from our dedicated and skilled technicians.

Lyn Dinh and Hue are two of our best SNS nail technicians that work in the CBD store in Manners street at the moment. Book with them now!!!

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