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Live Training Webinar in Permanent Makeup

Attend your favourite eyebrow, lip and eyeliner permanent makeup training seminars interactively from your couch.

Live training webinar

From now on, we host our cosmetic tattoo courses partly via live webinars. It's considered as a more effective approach for individuals looking for knowledge, skill and certification or businesses in need of employee training.

Why is live training helpful?

The learner will join one or two live sessions in the training areas of their choice: eyebrow, lip or eyeliner permanent makeup. The live training is to cover theory and to equip the learner with an in-depth industry understanding before practising on live models. The learner and the trainer arrange dates and times that are convenient for the learner to attend the webinars comfortably from home. To take advantage of e-learning, as a learner, you are expected to engage in the live training sessions by doing assigned homework, asking any questions you may have and practising hard at home. Assignments include and are not limited to drawing eyebrow, lip and eyeliner shapes on paper/latex, judging and dealing with different cases, mixing pigment that suits client's needs, fixing old tattooed brows/lips/eyeliners, etc. Those who choose our included permanent makeup kit will get it sent to their door. This will give learners more time to master all these skills before coming to the practical day.

Practical Days

Practising with live models plays an important part in our training since intensive practising side by side with Master Judy, up-to-date industry techniques, how to create different permanent makeup effects and how to deal with this difficult cases are the interesting differentiation of our training courses. After finishing theory and home practice via live webinars, practical days are conducted either in Wellington, Auckland or Christchurch.

Flexible Options

Our courses are flexible in a way that there are equivalent training levels for everyone, either for those who have little or no exposure to cosmetic tattoo or those who are experienced and looking for a skill upgrade. The practical session is optional, meaning you can just enrol in the live training now and decide to attend the practice session later if needed. This is apparently a good option for some experienced technicians who just want a fresh update for their "know-how".

Beside specialised courses for eyebrow, lip or eyeliner permanent makeup, learners can choose a training that combine every two or all of these three areas.

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