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Phi Removal, Effective and Gentle Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal or removal of permanent make up (PMU) is a vital skill to any PMU technician. Customers not satisfying with the low-quality old-fashioned tattoo is not the rare case. Pigment migration, uneven pigmentation, shape change, image change, mind change are some other common scenarios when technicians need removal skill in hand.

Phi Removal Treatment

Phi Removal is a non-laser tattoo removal technique from Phi Academy, the best tattoo removal method thank to the ability to get rid of any tattoo colour while being gentle to the skin. Using a glycolic-acid product with high penetration, Phi Removal promises to open the skin and pull out pigment. According to Phi Academy, this techniques is suitable for all sorts of tattoo colours including ones with titanium which can't be removed by laser. Healing process is said to be better and more comfortable than other removal methods in terms of no necrosis, shorter-time redness, less scarring and easy post treatment care.

The result is visible after one treatment with most of the cosmetic tattoos and may require up to 8 treatments with body tattoos.

Phi Removal Training

This June, Grand Master Ella Sakalauskiene is coming back to Wellington for a priceless one-day intensive training on Phi Removal. In this training you will learn to remove tattoo/permanent makeup from the face/body using innovative advanced formulation of products.

The advantages of Phi Removal to the technicians compared to laser tattoo removal:

  1. No big machine investment

  2. Mobility - you can work in different places

  3. Ability to remove all pigment types, especially one containing titanium which laser removal can not remove.

You have:

- One Phi Removal kit

- One-day workshop

- 6 months access and support through the PhiAcademy learning application CraftMaster.

You learn:

- Phiremoval basic information

- Differences between the tattoo remover products

- Treatment

- Hygiene

- Postcare

- Machine and needles

- Indications for PhiRemovals

- Laser or removal

- All about scars

- Work on live models

Contact us for more details:

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