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Powder Brow, Lip Tint & Eyeliner Tattoo PMU Training in Auckland

What is powder brow tattoo?

The name powder brows itself reflects the desire to mimic the effect of eyebrow penciling, however with cosmetic tattooing, this makeup look is expected to last for months. The purpose is to bring the sharpness, the suitable and balanced shape to the imperfect eyebrows that the owner longs for with makeup everyday. Like tattooing, superfine dots of pigment penetrate into the skin by outlining and shading techniques with tattoo machine and needle. However cosmetic tattoo only works in the epidermis layer of the skin.

The PMU techniques of Fabulash Brows NZ have been proven to generate beautiful healing result while being gentle to the client's skin and effective for the technician. With Powder Brow Tattoo, we aim to bring the natural ombre effect, which means it is defined and sharp in the tail and fade along the length and width of the eyebrow until it reaches the sandy effect in the head and the upper part. Customers with demand for a bold pair of brows can also be satisfied. Shading over microblading is another handy techniques to create a combination brows which increase the depth of strokes.

Here are some works of our students in the last powder brow training in Auckland. They had a practice session working on models under Mater Judy's supervision after one day workshop learning theory.

Lip Tinting & The New Techniques

Understanding that lip tinting are sometimes challenging for PMU technicians, Master Judy of Fabulash Brows has come up with a training program which covers fundamental and advanced knowledge to help them deal with every hindrances they might have. In addition to the basic theory of cosmetic tattoo, hygiene, safety, machine, needle, pigment, etc; neutralising dark pigmented lips is one of those advanced techniques that have been being delivered. As you know, Kiwi customers come from various ethnic groups, which results in different skin types to begin with. Neutralising technique is based on scientific facts of colour opposition and complementary colours; and the characteristics of pigment used.

Students in the lip tint class of Master Judy Nguyen also learn and practise lip tattooing without using anaesthetic. Why? Although It is obvious that not using numbing cream can bring about a lot of benefits, such as less swelling, time saving and faster healing, it is hard not to use. To avoid using anaesthetic and also to get an efficient treatment with a better healing result, the technician must pay attention to many technical factors such as needle type, angle between needle and client skin, movement of the needle and the technician's hand, skin stretching, etc. A lot of practising is required for students to go from the stage of getting the know-hows to the stage of being confident using it.

Eyeliner Tattoo/Eyelash Line Enhancement

Eyeliner Tattoo or any name it might be called is simply an effort to insert pigment into the lash lines to improve the sharpness of the eye. Eyeliner tattoo can be hidden within the lash lines or be more complicated by adding smoky or cat eye effect. This picture below is an example of the simple lash line enhancement with a little shading in the tail.

1-4 December (4 days)

Level 5, 76 Manners Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Day 1: Theory & practice on latex

  • Client consultation

  • Hygiene and workplace set up

  • Color theory and correction

  • Learning about machine, needles

  • and how they work

  • Drawing shapes

  • Practicing on latex: eyeliners, tinted lips, powder brows

Day 2: Powder Brows

  • Watching demo of powder brows on live model by the trainer

  • Practicing on latex & live models

Day 3: Tinted Lips

  • Watching demo of tinted lips on live model by the trainer

  • Practicing on latex & live models

Day 4: Eyeliners

  • Watching demo of eyeliner on live model by the trainer

  • Practice on latex & live models

One Kit included:

  • 1 x Nano PMU machine

  • 1 x Box of Needle cartridges • 6 x Bottle of pigment

  • 3 x Nano PMU latex

  • 1 x Compass

  • 3 x Pencil: black, red, white



Viber or mobile: 0221308020 (Heides)

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