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Lip Tint Basic Training Course at VNZ International Nail & Beauty School

The demand of having lips tinted has been rising sharply despite the fact that a lot of technicians are not willing and/or ready to offer this service mostly because they find lip tinting specifically challenging. Difficulties has been reported to be managing colour retention, result predictiveness, dealing with pigmented lips and long treatment duration. However, the demand is still visible and solutions are needed for all those lips with unbalanced shape and dark natural pigmentation.

Lip tint technique by Master Judy is proved to be able to solve the problems, satisfying both technicians and customers. It is said to bring about beautiful healing colour and ability to eliminate dark pigmented lips. New techniques not using numbing cream is promising as it is less time consuming for the technician and at the same time clients obtain quicker recovery process. Following correctly to the instruction, technician can control the pain to a manageable level that customers are willing not to use anaesthetic for a better healing result.

The first Lip Tinting Training has been conducted at VNZ International Nail & Beauty School covering theory and practice session in 2 days. Master Judy and her students worked together to rescue some unperfected lips at the end of the day. After the course, students have 6 months of online support to help them build up more confidence when they first come out into the market.

Any queries on training courses, please contact:


Mobile: 0221308020