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Our big day is coming, the 10th birthday anniversary!

It has been 10 years since we first built up our 4Seasons Nails shop in Wellington. From the initial store in Johnsonville shopping centre, we have evolved into a Kiwi-favourite nail franchise. At 5 stores all over Wellington region, we offer various services in nails, lash extensions and lash & brow maintenance. 4Seasons Nails as well as Fabulash Brows and VNZ Nail & Beauty Supplies are trading businesses under VNZ International Trade & Investment Ltd, running in different business areas of the beauty industry. 4Seasons Nails carries its owner's passion and progressiveness and aims to convey the morale of its skilled and dedicated staffs. We have generated a lot of joy and confidence to New Zealanders and have become an element contributor to Wellington beauty scene. The celebration will take place on 20th of October this year and all our beloved customers, partners, supporters, employers, family and friends will be warmly invited. Your presences matter to us in this event which marked a 10 year milestone of 4Seasons Nails. A 10 year journey is not too long but not too short in respect of unforgettable joyfulnesses and achievements as well as countless hindrances and difficulties that we have been through.

Master Judy, the soul of 4Seasons Nails and Fabulash Brows, an ambitious women, a micro-pigmentation influencer on social media platform, is now focusing on motivating the training activities extensively. For more professional trainings to come, a beauty school has been being constructed in the heart of the city.

When done, VNZ International Nail & Beauty School will offer inclusive training packages covering short courses in nails, eyelash extensions, microblading and cosmetic tattoo such as powder brow, tinted lip and eyeliner tattoo. It is expected to be launched in the next month. We have some sneak peeks from the people who were setting up the academy to see how it will look like.

Together with the 10th year anniversary and the grand opening of the academy, there are also the implementation of some of our hottest training courses. We have received heaps of requests on the SNS training course as a consequence of dipping nails gaining its national domination in nail industry. The return of the SNS training workshop will definitely embark the interest of many technicians who are looking for a chance to do dipping nails professionally. Beside achieving knowledge and updates of new SNS products, the course attenders will have a lot of other invaluable benefits. Some of them are getting SNS New Zealand certificate and having their website listed on SNS New Zealand website.

Another favourite cosmetic tattoo course of Master Judy is the Tinted Lip training course, which will be conducted on 27-28 August in Wellington. This course is designed for people who have no experience in permanent makeup and would like to join the industry or the experienced ones who are still struggling in lip tint techniques. The demand of tinted lips has been rising sharply despite the fact that a lot of technicians are not willing and/or ready to offer this service mostly because they find difficulties in colour retention, result predictiveness, pigmented lips and treatment duration.

This course is about the new techniques which generate better healing result, quick recovering process, less time consuming, solutions for pigmented lips and manageable pain while not using numbing.

On 22-23 September we offer classic and volume eyelash extension training for people who are interested in being a lash technician. The course covers training on classic and volume lashes, for which 4 Seasons Nails are quite famous. If you want to take the initial step in this interesting and charming occupation or you are hunger in learning new lash techniques, this is a chance for you to get a proper training with lash Master Judy Nguyen.

We are counting down to the big day. Let's wish for a successful and meaningful event of ours.

For any enquiry please contact Heides:


Mobile: 0221308020

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