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Fabulash Brows at NZ Hair and Beauty Expo 2019.

On 13-14 July 2019, Fabulash Brows team has driven great efforts into two successful days at NZ Hair and Beauty Expo showing a wide range of products and services. It was such a happy reunion event with our beloved customers who are based in Auckland and also an opportunity to meet with our future customers.

Representing VNZ Nail & Beauty Supplies, one stop shop for nail, beauty products and salon furniture, we had a showcase of our signature products including SNS gelous colours, SNS Perfect Flo collection and Kia Ora nail polish.

Customers showed a special interest in our SNS dipping powder as well as other premium gel nail brands that we are doing supply such as Lechat Perfect Match, Lechat EFFX Glitter Powder, DND gel polish.

Kia Ora is a new brand name which is developed by our company with a quality that is personally picked and chosen by our Master. In addition to various colour collection to choose from, Kia Ora is also perfect for doing arty nails with its nail art collection. There's no surprise that its no-wipe glossy top coat is quickly favoured by all smart nail technicians. combo, generating so much fun and creativity for the nail job.

As Fabulash Brows New Zealand, we have exhibited lash products, cosmetic tattoo products, services and training programs. We proudly bring to NZ authentic permanent makeup products from Phi Academy, Europe. Getting a lot of attention this time is the whole range of Phi Henna colours. Master Judy also had some demos on doing Henna brows at the expo.

It was also a good opportunity to introduce to our business partners our new arrival made in Korea cosmetic tattoo pigments. Like the pigments that we have been supplying, it has the same good organic-made characteristic but with a more affordable price. There are particular Fabulash Brows pigments specialising in red/purple/blue colour correction for old lip/brow tattoo.

Phibrows Master of Phi Academy, Master Trainer of VNZ International Nail & Beauty School, Judy Nguyen, who has been an inspiring microblading/PMU trainer and influencer in New Zealand, had an amazing educational talk on the advanced lip tint techniques. These new techniques aim to bring better and quicker healing results, suitable for experienced lip tattoo technicians who look for a skill upgrade or for those who gave up on achieving a good colour retention.

Throughout the training activities at the expo, our attempt is to deliver a message that "No matter the background you are currently in, as long as you are keen on bringing aesthetic look to people, permanent make up can be the right choice for you".

If you are a newbie who wants to join this charming and challenging industry, or if you are already a PMU artist struggling at some techniques, just find a right tutor to help you get over the hindrances.

Overall, we had two successful days and a good time going all the way from Wellington to Auckland with the best that we could bring.

Here at Fabulash Brows we offer training courses for cosmetic tattoo technician from beginning to advanced level, covering brows, lips and eyeliners.

Available Training Courses by

Master Judy Nguyen

Wellington - Auckland - Christchurch

(All come with online support after the course)

For SNS products, please visit

For nail & beauty product and salon supply, please visit

Please contact for more information:


Mobile: 0221308020

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