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From zero to hero, could it be the pathway for passionate people in the beauty industry?

You may agree with me that the biggest fear of every newbies in a particular service industry like beauty is that what we lack is what people need, experience. The clients expect your technical experience to look at and be willing to pay. Hardly can we say whether experience or certificate speaks louder. Technician at an entry-level are struggling in finding the way to put their first step in this challenging occupation. What are the solutions for them?

When first starting in beauty industry, unexperienced,

undetermined and unguided, I bet one would absolutely wish for a professional training and a conscientious tutor who can show you the right way and spend time for your mistakes, more importantly, the one who is your advising source in your pathway to success.

From zero to hero, that has been a true story of Master Judy Nguyen, who started with zero experience in semi permanent makeup, who never wear makeup or do any makeup for anybody, and who has been awarded Master title for her highest skill in Microblading by the PhiAcademy in Belgrade in 2017. She is one of the only two Phibrows Master of New Zealand, training Phibrows artists in New Zealand and Australia. Her skills reach the highest level and are followed by many professionals in the field. Judy's been keeping herself on top of skilled Phibrows Master by continuous learning and being up to date in this dynamic, ever-changing beauty industry. She is the pioneer in bringing the latest technologies and practices around the world to New Zealand. Beside microblading excellence, she is also the master of PMU with different styles of powder brows, eyeliners and tinted lips but above all, she is said to be the best teacher.

In the training classes of Master Judy Nguyen, all the secrets and experiences are revealed. She has delivered a plenty of beautiful works on clients from difference races, apparently, she has a lot to share and she can never keep it for herself. A dream of more and more well-trained beauty artists forming a healthy business community has always been her motivation for training and sharing, not only about semi permanent makeup but also about experience as a business runner.

What makes her really different is the continuous thorough support for her students in and after every course to help them bridge the gap and gain confidence from their very first step in this tough and charming industry. She has helped a lot of people from zero to hero in beauty industry just like her. As long as you spend serious time practicing and striving for improvement, she would spend time on you. To be a good tutor, you must be a good technician. Although she is busy with her training schedule, she still spends time with customers everyday, doing their eyeliners, lips, lashes and eyebrows in order to keep herself on top of everything. Therefore, she is a good source of technical experience and advice for student.

Available training courses by Master Judy Nguyen:

Wellington - Auckland - Christchurch

(All come with online support after the course)

  • Phibrows Workshop Training Course - 2 days

  • Phibrows Perfection Training Course - 1 day

  • Powder Brow Basic Training Course - 2 days

  • Powder Brow Advanced Training Course - 1 day

  • Ombre Eyeliner & Tinted Lip Training Course - 2 days

  • Combination Course (Brows, Eyeliners, Lips) - 4 days

For more information, please contact:

New Zealand: Heides Nguyen

Viber or Mobile: +64 221 308020

Australia: Vani Hoang

Viber or Mobile: +61 435 207 523

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