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Phibrows Perfection Training with Master Judy Nguyen 2019

WELLINGTON, 8 JANUARY 2019, 9 am - 3/64 Kenmore Street, Newlands, Wellington

CHRISTCHURCH, 19 FEBRUARY 2019, 9 am - Venue advised later

AUCKLAND, 9 APRIL 2019, 9 am - Venue advised later

CHRISTCHURCH, 21 MAY 2019, 9 am - Venue advised later


With Master Judy


If you are Phibrows Artist or have done the Basic Training of Phibrows Microblading you are eligible to attend this course.

What you expect to learn from Judy (she has done many clients and have lots of practical experience to share with you):

* How to shape customer’s eyebrows naturally and perfectly, what shape is the best for your client.

* Correct the common mistakes of the students: the technique of inserting ink into the skin, the precise stretch of the skin to create fine and crisp lines, how to mix pigment colours which is suitable for the individual when the brows healed, working posture...

* Different heads of brows, how to create different heads of eyebrows and create strokes of the lower spine more naturally.

  • Create perfect Transition line

  • The Asian eyebrows

  • The men’s eyebrows.

  • Photography (only Master Judy Nguyen offers this): how to take nice photos,

choose the right angles and how to put them together to showcase your best work. Our Class:

v Kit includes: 3 boxes of disposable PhiBrush, 1 box of skin candy, 3 latexes for practice.

v Fee: $2000 plus GST v Duration: 9 - 5.30pm (one day)


Ø Viber or Mobile: 0221308020 Ø Email: Ø Register on the link below:

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