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Congratulations to my 1st Phibrows students in Christchurch

I am very enjoying my Phibrows small training group. It is so proud of going around the country to meet and train my talented students.

The training is 2 days workshop and 6 months online learning via Phibrows Craft Master App. You will join Phibrows professional forum with many doctors, specialists and other masters to help you with all questions and advices you might need. There will be 11 levels you will need to pass in order to gain a Phibrows Artist title. You will need to work hard and practise hard everyday and submit your work to me for marking. I also supplying all tools and accessories for you to order to practise. My Phibrows trainings will be both New Zealand wide and overseas.

If you would like the training or any info please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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