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Phi Academy - Phibrows Training with Master Judy Nguyen

Microblading is the newest technique of semi-permanent make up in New Zealand. It is currently on high demand since clients are now looking for natural looking eyebrows that last longer and save time to draw every morning. Phibrows Master - Judy Nguyen who represents the Branko Babic Phi Academy is teaching Phibrows microblading technique in New Zealand. Judy has done many clients and has a lot of experiences to share in eyebrows microblading. Her technique reaches the highest level and is followed by many professionals in the field. In her class, all secrets of how to create perfect brow shape that suits different people, how to choose the right colour to match the natural brow hairs when it healed, how to create fine and thin strokes, will be revealed. Why is training with Judy Nguyen unique?

The basic training will start one week online with the master to practise drawing shape at home, 2 days intense workshop, followed by 6 months support by the Master using Craft Master application. You will join our Phibrows professional forum with many doctors, specialists and other masters to help you with any question and advice you might need. Being Phibrows Artist, you will be listed on our map of Phibrows Artists worldwide that your clients will come to you locally. Phibrows is desirable brand that guarantees the highest quality of products used and the best artists in the microblading world (about 20 thousands Phibrows artists).

Register to Master Judy Nguyen’s Workshop. Email: or follow Judy on Facebook or Instagram: fabulashbrowsnz. Or register from here.

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