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Congratulations to Master Judy Nguyen's Phibrows students

Microblading Training Course is designed for those who want to learn the technique about eyebrows microblading that we use to mimic the real hair, using the special pen to meticulously draw hair by hair depositing organic pigment into the epidermis - the first layer of the skin.

Especially, Phibrows Pigment is the best and safest pigments you can trust worldwide!

By capture that potential and aim to bring beauty to more and more people, FabulashBrows offers Phibrows courses for learners to approach the Phibrows Microblading easily.

Last month, our 1st Phibrows training in Auckland by Master Judy Nguyen was so successful. Our models were happy and satisfied after the procedures. They all agreed that their new brows bring much more confident to them. Moreover, Master and students are happy after 2 days training workshop. Students are more confident to practise by them self.

Some pictures of this class

Congratulations to Quinine from Auckland, Hannah from Napier and Lyn from Wellington with their Phibrows training workshop attending certificates

Master Judy Nguyen and her first students in Auckland

After the success of the first training in Auckland, the basic training held in Wellington on 3-4 Dec. And more will be available across New Zealand in 2018 as well as in some Asia countries such as Taiwan, Cambodia...

Wellington training workshop 3-4 December 2017

Congratulations to Mary, Jade from New Zealand, Sofia from Sweden and Sharon from China

Thanks to Judy Nguyen and her lovely students. Best luck for all the students on their career paths

If you would love to start your career with Phibrows microblading and would like to learn Judy’s awesome techniques. Please do not hesitate to click on the link below for more information about Phibrows Training with Master Judy Nguyen and registration.

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