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Phibrows Training with Master Judy Nguyen

VNZ Nail and Beauty Supplies

Proud to bring New Zealand Master Judy Nguyen of Phibrows Academy to Auckland on 11-12th November 2017, Wellington 3-4 December 2017

Judy Nguyen has been in the nails and beauty industry for almost 10 years and owns multiple businesses in Wellington. She was recently awarded Master title for her highest skill in Microblading by the PhiAcademy in Belgrade - Serbia.

“PhiAcademy creates beauty through golden intersection proportions (phi -1.618). We see the perfection in the golden intersection between two extremes. We know that you can learn everything if the material is divided into small portions that are taught separately.

Our students are taught through live or online courses and they have to pass very strict criteria and standards prior to obtaining their certificates.

With respect to the modern lifestyle, our studies are designed in such a way to save precious time and provide maximum surveillance and maximum available information at the same time. All our student are taught in special Craft Master application. On one hand, the application represents a base of all the pieces of information about the skill and, on the other, a platform in which the student and the master are going towards the same goal through mutual communication. Application contains a lot of tools to facilitate the work of both students and masters.

In addition to passing the skills, we try to teach our students to respect their clients. Respecting clients includes taking care of them. Taking care of clients includes using high quality products and technique” - PhiAcademy

Basic Phibrows Training with Master Judy Nguyen

Judy Nguyen has done many clients and has a lot of experiences to share in Microblading. Her technique reaches the highest level and followed by many professionals in the field. In her class, all secrets of how to create perfect brow shape that suits different people, how to choose the right colour to match the natural brow hairs when it healed, how to create fine and scrips strokes, will be revealed. Please check out all her work in her Instagram: Fabulashbrowsnz or Facebook: Fabulashbrows-Microblading & PMU.

The basic training will start one week online with the master to practise drawing shape at home. 2 days intense workshop, then you have 6 months support by the Master, using Craft Master app, joining our Phibrows professional forum with many doctors, specialists, and other masters to help you with any question and advice. After completing 11 levels you will be certified Phibrows Artist, the PhiAcademy will send you professional logo to use and certification from Europe. Being Phibrows Artist, you will be listed on our map of Phibrows Artists worldwide that your clients will come to you locally.

The 2 days workshop cover:

  1. Theory: microblading basic information, hygiene at work place, skin types, pigment retention, Phibrows pigments and how to mix colours, possible reactions and fading process, pre-microblading and after care, health and safety.

  2. Practice: drawing shapes on latex, learning how to place the micro blade correctly, practising strokes and stroke patterns, working on live model.

Included Free kit worth NZ$1600

  • Phibrows golden ratio compass

  • 8 Phibrows pigments

  • 2 Phibrows Handles

  • 1 Latest multi-function handle

  • Phibrows Tweezer and sissors

  • 30 disposal Phibrushes

  • 50 candy Shield for after care

  • Latex for practice

  • 50 Phibrows Blades

  • 2 Phibrows Pencils

Note: a deposit of $2000 is required to secure your spot after registration and the rest will be paid in full 2 weeks before the course start.

Any other inquiries, please call or text Mark Dinh 02102482289 or email:

Any other inquiries, please call or text Judy Nguyen's team: 021 0248 2289 or email:

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