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Craft Master App - The PhiBrows Training Course On Your Phone.

"Craft Master is a brand new concept of teaching the technique using classroom system in a specially designed learning application." (PhiBrows) It is an online teaching app available for Android and iOS smart phones. The app is created with the hope to spread the Phi technique to all who has the passion. No need to worry about flying to another city, or even another country, to attend the course anymore when you can do it at home with a smart phone.

This application brings you the benefits of:

  • Saving traveling costs

  • Saving your precious time

  • Practicing whenever and wherever you want

  • Obtaining precise and dedicated guidance from a supervising master

Craft Master operates on the global scale. PhiMasters will give lesson to people from all around the world through a two-day course with online support and guidance. The App allows students to communicate with Phi Academy any time they wish for the next 6 months. A certificate will be granted after students have passed 11 seperate levels. They will send the work to their teacher via the Craft Master app which will be graded and commented on.

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