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Eyelash Training Session with Kasey Trinh went beyond expectation!

Our big congrats to the trainees who completed the latest training session with Kasey Trinh - the Aucklander Eyelash Specialist. She came all the way here from Auckland to teach the technique and knowledge she acquired throughout her career. They have passed all the tests with all their passion good quality results.

The class was very friendly and warm with the energetic participation from the student and the passion of spreading eyelash techniques and knowledge from the teacher. Under the teaching and instruction from Kasey, they did some great Classic Lash and Volume Lash which are shown below:

How gorgeous those eyelashes are!

Now for a more closure look at the eyelash from top down:

Beautiful! Isn't it!!??

Kasey is very passionate on beauty industry. She understands the important of eyelashes and has travel throughout New Zealand in order to spread the technique and knowledge she knows. Trinh wishes to teach people how to make themselves beautiful so they can get the self-confidence they have always deserved. The students and her became friends at the end of the session. Every sat down talk and share their experiences with each other. More training session like this will be coming soon.

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