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Lash vibes lash lift Glue balm is a “Glue without glue” adhesive that acts as a glue to hold lashes on the shield, yet nourishes like a balm. 

One of the only glues on the market to include the moisturizing stage into its step 1, Glue-Balm contains ingredients that are rich in vitamins and nutrients to prevent dehydrating the lashes. 

Dried out, stiff lashes when using Glue-Balm? Never heard of it. Argan oil, Jojoba oil, and avocado oil are the main nourishing ingredients that do not create a film on top of lashes unlike traditional lash lift glues. Instead, the hairs easily absorb the oils, resulting in soft and healthy lashes your clients will love. 

Since the oils are penetrating into the lashes and providing deep hydration, there is no need to remove excess glue. This will also result to a faster procedure time, and lash lifts will become a breeze. A key feature about this unique formula is that it does not fully dry, allowing you to make adjustments during your procedure.  Formulated without harsh ingredients, you can safely apply glue close to the lash line without causing any irritation.

Glue balm work best with clear lash lift shield

Lash Lift Glue Balm

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