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Meet RIKI - your radiant new bestie! She’s a little bit of luxury with a whole lot of love to give. The RIKI Skinny is quite simply the best makeup mirror you’ve ever seen.

RIKI lets you rock five different stages of lighting to optimise your makeup applications in any setting. It includes a 5x magnifying mirror to help you achieve perfect lashes and brows.

RIKI is also social-minded. Like the perfect Instagram boyfriend, the RIKI Skinny takes your social media game to the next level! Her Bluetooth capability let’s you seize your sexiest selfies under flawless lighting. Perfect for filming Youtube videos and flawless Facebook Live Events.

Simply pair your phone and place in the magnetic phone cradle to capture perfectly lit photos and videos. Say goodbye to the awkward arm and gross lighting, your photography will simply shine with RIKI. The life of a content creator has never been more convenient!

Glamcor RIKI Skinny With 5x Magnify Mirror

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