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Blush pigment for Eyebrows is used for Hairstrokes by machine and Ombré powder brows! The Blush pigment line is developed by master Judy Nguyen from Fabulash Brows Academy New Zealand! 

Blush pigment for eyebrows is organic type and created by using nano pigments. Thus, it helps penetration faster and stay on skin longer!

We only recommend using Blush pigment for Artists with at least 1-2 years of experience cosmetic tattoo or artists who use tattoo machine very well! When working with Blush pigment you need to work very gentle and make sure your pressure is light and do not go over strokes many times or go too deep. When you do shading for powder brows, make sure your shading technique is gentle and the color layering is perfect right from beginning. Do not try to go over many passes and make it too dark because the color retention can be up to 100 percent! 

We also recommend you use short or medium stroke tattoo machine for safe side! 


If you use Blush pigment for hairstroke technique  we do recommend using 1 shade darker than using for eyebrows shading. Once finished the treatment you can mask orange or yellow color for 5-10 mins in order to achieve the best healed result! 

Warning: This product is only recommended for professional cosmetic tattoo artists. We do not guarantee or are responsible for the result or quality of products if you are untrained!

Blush Pigment 10ml - Gray

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