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Phibrows Perfection Course

- Judy Nguyen, Phibrows Master

“Performing the beautiful work after the first session and presenting nicely on social media do not mean the clients will come back to you. To build up your sustainable business in Microblading, clients must be pleased with your perfect final healed job.”

If you are Phibrows Artists or have done the Basic Training of Phibrows Microblading, you are eligible to attend this perfection-training course. This course is designed to ameliorate your microblading skills and bring you the world known top-level practices in this industry. 

If you are trained with Phibrows, using Phi tools and Phibrows pigment, but you are still struggling with managing color retention in microblading on different skin types then you certainly need to look at cultivating your technique. Therefore, Master Judy’s lecture in Perfection Training aims at Pigment retention after 4-6 weeks of treatment! 

Master Judy Nguyen has delivered many beautiful microblading works on clients from difference races, ranging from light to dark skin, dry to oily skin. Apparently, she has had a lot of practical experience to share with you. Followings are what you should expect to learn from this course 


  • How to design natural and perfect brow shapes that suit your clients the best. Everyone is unique, thus, designing different brow shapes is required for different faces as well as customers’ characters.

  • How to use Phibrows pigment correctly and how to mix different colours to match client’s brow hairs, revealing perfect results when the microblading brows are healed.

  • How to fix old red/purple/blue/grey on old microblading/tattoo eyebrows.

  • Learning & practicing on different brow heads, advanced in brow patterns with strokes of the lower spine created more naturally, creating perfect transition lines. You also learn how to choose different patterns that suit Western or Asian brow hairs.

  • How to achieve the good retention after the treatment.

  • By observing student practice on Live Model, Judy will correct the common mistakes of the students: the technique of inserting pigment into the skin, the correct stretch of the skin to create fine and crisp lines, working posture, learning from experience

  • Photography (only Master Judy Nguyen offers this): how to take nice photos, choose the right angles and how to put them together to showcase your best work.

Our Class

  • One Day intensive training: 9am-5.30pm

  • Support with CraftMaster App for 3 months

  • Kit includes: 2 boxes of disposable Phibrush, 1 box of skin candy, 3 latexes for practice.

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Viber: 0221308020

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